Newsletter & Notices

14th September 2018


Peter’s Shooting Lines


Hi All


Well, we finished the summer season with 3 more members than we started with. On several occasions during the first two months of the season sessions were cancelled due to lack of members turning out to setup!

Marion and I cannot set-up alone - we need a minimum of four members. Richard is negotiating with the parish council and hopefully they will allow at least two archery beginner courses next summer. John Dowling is back shooting again after a protracted time in hospital during last winter and the early part of the summer. Good to see you back on the line John! Reg Powell is still in and out of hospital. We hope you will be able to join us at Yateley, Reg.

At last I have the GNAS, County and Region fees: Totals are adults £53.50, juniors £14 and archers with disabilities £13 or £14, see note 1.below.

Breakdown of fee’s:

Archery GB                                                                                    Full fee     Pro rata fee

Club Member - Senior (aged 25 and over)                                     £ 46.00         £ 23.00

Seniors members aged 18 to 24 (inc) - all categories                    £ 12.00           £ 6.00

Juniors (under 18s) - all categories                                                £ 12.00           £ 6.00

Archers with disabilities - all categories                                          £ 12.00           £ 6.00

Surrey and Region Annual fee to 30 September

Membership category                                                                    SCAS fee    Region fee

Club Member - Senior (25 and over)                                                £ 2.00           £ 5.50

Seniors members aged 18 to 24 (inc)                                              £ 1.00           £ 1.00

Juniors (under 18's)                                                                          £ 1.00          £ 1.00

Archers with Disabilities - all categories                                          Note 1           £ 1.00

Direct Member - Senior (aged 25 and over)                                     £ 4.00          £ 8.00

Note 1

SCAS Disabled fee of £1 will be up to the archer to opt to pay it or not.

The club members who have joined Archery GB please log in and check or update your details. When correct and if you wish to shoot at Yateley then please pay your GNAS, SCAS and REGION fee or fee’s only by cheque or bank transfer to the club account.

Velmead Archers bank account: Sort code 30-93-32 Account 01937988

We have negotiated with Yateley a winter indoor fee of £60 for 27 shoots or you can pay a green fee of £5 per shoot, I know which one I prefer to pay but it is your choice, Please pay Yateley direct, on the day.

I should have the shooting results and end of summer handicaps finished shortly so please download your scores and handicaps from the club website later this month, all thanks to Steve Potts, our webmaster.

I look forward to seeing you all in October, on the Yateley shooting line.

Peter J Foreman