Mainly for Members

Charges for the Outdoor season: The total fee for an Adult is £65 and for a Junior £48 inclusive of the NSRA insurance.

Ok, so it’s the new season. Even if you haven’t changed anything, it is well worth doing a 10 point check:

1)      String alignment

2)      Tiller

3)      Brace Height

4)      Nocking Point position

5)      Centre shot/button position

6)      Loose, rattly bits

7)      String for wear

8)      Nocks for cracks

9)      Loose fletchings

10)    Sight marks

Just ask if you need any help with any of these.

Waste some time with this Crossword

Ask Steve if you want a spreadsheet to keep your summary scores:Scores.bmp

Or detailed scorepads:



GNAS_Handicap_Medal.jpgThe GNAS Handicap Improvement Medal may be awarded by the Club to the Club GNAS member that achieves the greatest handicap (outdoor) improvement made over a calendar year, and having shot at least 8 outdoor rounds. The medal is supplied to each Club by GNAS, and it is expected that the awarded archer should wear the medal at all Club Target Days at which he or she is present. There is normally a forfeit to be applied for failure to do so !